the day you went (flew) away

My bird flew away yesterday, 3rd Oct. She’s a Love Bird, really cute, named Sweetie. I remember the first time I got her, from a shop in Serangoon. Because she was too young, I had to use a syringe and ‘force’ some kind of milk formula down her throat. That’s what people do to young birds. And then she grew up, and she can recognise me. She’ll hop onto my shoulder when I watch TV. She’ll eat her treats off my mouth. She’ll want to bite anyone else but me. It was this like of little bonds we had together.

There was once we put her into a sock and took a photo of it. I still have the photo with me. Makes me smile whenever I see it. Sweetie also loved tissue boxes. She’ll chew everyone up we’ll have to clear up the mess for her. And she’ll mimic everyone’s noise. Like a sneeze, laughter, her name. I love her so much.

Then came the complains. My sister complained that she made too much noise. There was once I was so pissed I took Sweetie out in a small cage at night, and ‘camped’ in a park for hours. It was just me and my bird. 2 of us, sitting in a shelter, stealing glances at one another. How I love her so.

Then, my old neighbor living beside us said that she made too much noise. According to his daughter-in-law, she said he’s sick and needed rest. Sweetie was making far too much noise for him to take his afternoon nap. So Sweetie had to go to my grandparents house. She from then on, she remained there. Damn those neighbours. As if the entire block belonged to them. Damn you all. Time spent with Sweetie became less and less. I’ll go talk to her occasionally. But we live in different house, I had lesser time with her. I’m not finding excuses for myself, but I guess I’m regretting the time I didn’t spend with you, my dear šŸ˜¦

And then people say its better to let the bird out of the cage. I know they said it with good intentions. But I know she’s going to die out there. A kept bird cannot survive in the wild. Maybe it’s my fault for buying her in the first place. Maybe its my fault for wanting to have a pet. But the fact of the matter is, she’s going to die out there. By leaving the cage, she’s actually ‘seeking’ death.

Sweetie, I miss you, I dont want you to die. I saw your cage today, it looked so strangely empty. The house was weirdly quiet. I miss your loud, sharp chirps. The sound of sticks whenever your little fat body hops onto one of them. Your pure white ring around your eyes. Your beautiful feathers. Your scaly but rubbery legs. That very fit, beautiful body of yours. I love you so much. I’m tearing now, Sweetie. Come back, won’t you? I promise I won’t let you stay somewhere else. I promise you’ll stay at our house forever, even if the nasty neighbour wants you off. I’m sorry, baby. I miss you so much. And I want to hear you chirp again. šŸ˜„ What can I do to get you back? We tried finding you at the car park yesterday. You never came.

Well, I guess what have to happen will happen. You’ve got to go, don’t you? In my heart, you don’t. But if nature or fate has a way to work things out, you’ll have to go. Bearing in mind that fate has never been kind to me.

Anws, thanks dear ADEE for calling me when I’m sad. You really cheered me up, and we ended up talking nonsense- nonsense that made sense, that is. šŸ™‚ Thanks Adee. ā¤

Aites, tmr is Location Reece. Time to sleep soon šŸ™‚

P.S. You’ll be missed, Sweetie.


2 thoughts on “the day you went (flew) away

  1. pammie, dont be so sad. ur sweetie has probably just flew off with her lover… finding her happiness yah. cheer up darling!! šŸ˜€

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