It’s 3 more weeks till our final year shoot. 3 WEEKS!!!!!

Kind of nervous actually… We’ve been spending much time these days getting our shot list right, making sure the line script is well ‘lined’, settling on the angles and composition for the storyboard, buying/renting props, coming up with a lighting style, costumes…….. so much, so much. Oh! Location recee and technical recee! (We are, in fact going for one tomorrow.. Hopefully the price is right 🙂 )

It’s a long process. It gets pretty tiring at times. Looking over the same shot list over and over again… Playing around with photoshop every day to get the ‘right’ visuals, or rather, the visuals I want to achieve…

And then comes storyboard. Bleh! I just can’t draw.. Haha! Ying says she can help, but she has tons of other work too… Lol! Media Law, my friends…

But dont get me wrong. I’m looking forward to the shoot. The last one we’re going to do- and the best. Its just pretty nervous.. Everyday of the shoot is a whole new set of problems.. And its a solve or die situation. Ok, I’m a bit exaggerating, but you get my point… 🙂

It’s exciting. We’ll just got to be as ready as we ever were. Problems? Bring it on, we’ll solve it 🙂

P.S. Oh gosh, it’s that feeling again. But I’m way too scared to try. Many things usually don’t turn out well… Sighs. (Nothing to do with shoot.)


 “I make a film as if I have a disease, suffering hot & cold sweats on an hourly basis, hovering constantly between ecstasy & anguish, lucidity & confusion. Everything is done in a kind of fever. Once the film is over, I fool myself into thinking I’m cured.” -Federico Fellini




Talking to you was fun…


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