One step at a time, Pam

Oh gosh! We have so much to do!!!! Minus 1 week of crewing (tentatively) , we have 1 full week left for the final shoot :S

Btw, Fat!! I love you!!!! You got to be strong ok girl!! ❤ You can do it!!!! (I dont know how to say this face to face…. 😦 )

Ok,  I just felt like ranting. Back to story board-ing…


And there’s so much on my mind. But one step at a time, Pam, one step at a time. Glad you guys are here to help ❤ But dear friends, if I cant meet up often these days, do forgive 😦


Wish me best. And my group. ❤

And all IBP. I love you all.

Stress cat!!


P.S. Like I said, I’m scared to try again. Try might be a wrong word. Maybe “think”. Lol! Oh wells. I’m kind of glad I’ve learnt some sort of lessons. I’m getting my steps right, I think. Hah. Cause I dont want to even think.


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