People need to learn, babe

I guess this world kind of lack some love, some sacrifice and some understanding. We all want the best for ourselves, but sometimes we got to put ourselves in the shoes of others, walk around in them a little, before you really understand how they feel.

I don’t believe in the saying “it’s a dog eat dog world”. Maybe I haven’t really seen the world, or so to speak. But there’s always good in everyone. If you’re good to others, they will, too, be good to you. Not that you have to expect that. It’s supposed to come naturally, out of sincere gratitude. But sometimes, when you’re so bloody good people starts ignoring certain facts and ‘gifts’, then I think there’s some problem somewhere. Be it the person itself, or envriomental stress. Whatever that means.

We’ve talked about it. We can help so much, and if they’ve done a good product, (I’ll be so bloody happy for them, I swear), no one’s going to give a f*** who’s the ‘driver’ or the ‘AD’ or the ‘PA’ or the ‘grip’ is. But if we can make a ‘decent’ project ourselves, we suffer. No one else bloody will.

I’m not saying we cant help. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. We have to, we really love to. Well, at least I do. There’s nothing better (well, maybe there is, but…) then to be helping a friend. But I guess friends need to understand and help US even.

I’m not being selfish. I’m not being angry. I’m just hoping for some understanding. Thanks Van Adee and fat for understanding. Van, I promise I’ll be on set when I can. Promise, babe ❤

My dear IBP, I’m so bloody proud of you all for being so nice. If what they say is true, what we do unto others will be what others do unto us. Lets hope it works out well for us. All we need is some time and lots of effort.

And you, f*****, I’m still so pissed at you. LOL! Go lose some bloody weight before you throw ur weight on us. I hated what you said, I still feel the pain and insult. But f-you, I’m going to prove you wrong, bugger. Burn in hell.

P.S. Words hurt more than nail in foot does, Amen.


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