Family memories

Some of you might know how much I love to play Farmville game in Facebook. Haha! Farming gives me much pleasure… LOL. But these few days, I’ve been playing with Happy Aquarium. At first, I thought I kind of liked the game. But then I realised the true reason I continued to play it despite my crazy workload and shooting these days…


It reminded me of my Mother and Sis. They were the ones who introduced it to me. My memories of Happy Aquarium were the days when we crowd round the main computer and look at each other’s fish tank. Then we’ll see my sis train her fishes and mother collecting money (trust me, she’s really good at collecting money. Haha!) I remember once when my cousin found a turtle, we all rushed to the computer to get the turtle. I don’t know why. It was just a virtual turtle. But we all had so much fun. And we’ll have our little ‘Happy Aquarium talks’, and my Dad will be siting at the sofa wondering what the hell were we talking about. The best part of the day was when I saw them sending me little gifts. Its not what they give me that matters (though I’d loveee fish food. Haha!), but the fact that they remember me when playing the game makes me swell in love. ❤


I guess we haven’t been spending much time together. My Mom’s having her last month in Kodak, my sis’s going for her A level soon, I’m in the midst of my final year project of continuous shooting. This little 15 minutes of playing Happy Aquarium gives us little pleasures in life of spending time with the family and simple excitement of leveling up. The little bit of time we have together makes us enjoy each others company. Words probably cant describe the innocent fun we have together… I’m loving them so much.


So this game doesnt give me pure, fantasy fun. It brings me memories and reminds me of the family I have at home, despite the work I have in school. It makes me remember. Treasure the little time we had together.


That day when I went home, my Dad was said jokingly “Oi, who are you? I can’t even recognise you anymore.” It made me so sad 😥


There was this day, too, when I was at this cloth shop. I saw a cloth that my grandma’s clothes used to be made of. I suddenly realised how little have I seen her these days- my grandfather too. I realised how much I love them. We’ll talk soon, just remember, I love you all, my family ❤


My mom’s aquarium:


Picture 26


My sis’s:


Picture 25




Picture 24


But I’ll pull thru. We’re all going thru the same thing.


There’s nothing more than having a family that understands.


Friends, I might be a little more short tempered these days, I apologise..


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