LOL. Enough of the insults. I’ve had enough. I dont know what you’ve said, but I know you’ve said them all. Whatever that is. Now, stop insulting the people I love and support. We might not be perfect, we might have shortcomings and we might NOT BELONG TO YOU, but STFU, bitch. Whatever you’re saying of us, I feel insulted. But you know what, I dont care, because I DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU. It just made me hate you more and more, and I curse you. I know its wrong to curse, I dont freely give curses. But this 6 months is alot of my life and I dont want it to be insulted by you. So scram.

One thing I’m glad, we’ve made the right choice some 6 months ago. I’m glad with who we have and I’m glad its not f****** YOU. If this is too obvious about what I’m saying here, I dont care. Everyone hates you, not just me (us). Oh god, walk around where you work and ask who gives a damn about you. Go back to **, where you belong. Oh god, you’re polluting my country.

I’m going to find out what you’ve said, and I’m going to tell the whole world. LOL. I’ve had enough, it’s time to stop.

Scram. Hateing you. Hahaha!! Oh, the bad things you’ve done. I’ll find them out and expose them all. Beware, be very scared…

P.S. Not going to think about it, I’ll live my life for now.


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