Life is tough, but misery is an option.

When people start comparing lives, you somehow seem to come to a conclusion that life sucks. Then you start to find ways to cheer yourself up, and you think of the less fortunate. As I read Anne Frank’s diary, she mentioned ‘how can people be happier and more satisfied with their lives when they know that there are people out there suffering?’ How true is that…

Like they say, life is tough, but misery is an option. We all agree life is tough. When have life ever been a bed of roses? No, never. Everyday you face with more difficulties and even sadness. Oh, I can vouch for that. But I was in the toilet the other day and it dawned upon me that we all have to live life, lets make it merry. It ain’t easy, but I believe it’s possible.

So many shit has happened to me, i feel ‘depressed’ every other day. There doesn’t seem to be a day where I can lie on bed with so much happiness that dreams seemed boring. There doesn’t seem to be a day when I feel so happy I can fly. And there doesn’t seem to be a day when I think I’m the world’s luckiest person ever. But somehow, it seems to be that I have to be happy. Just for my sake.

Anyway, we’ve been through 2 weeks of shoot for our final year project. Filming has been fun, there were lots of laughter and excitement. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t moments of anger, stress and disappointment. Just like life, we’ll all go through it. But I really want to thank all that has helped us. A big thank you, it couldn’t have happened without you all (cheesy, but true…)

The dailies have been out. We’ve run through a few session of DI, so the look of the film is roughly there.

If there’s one greatest fear, I’m afraid to disappoint. I cant seem to gauge for myself how well or not did the footage turn out. I just hope that all these years of hard work, passion (as they call it), determination did not come to a waste. I hope that all the hope you guys placed on me has not turned to disappointment.

Like I said, my greatest fear is to disappoint 😦 Oh, I’m scared to turn blind too, but that’s beside the point…

P.S. I wish for days when I feel so happy I can fly. Oh, let it be…


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