Sometimes you hear what people tell you of a certain someone. And thats totally different from the impression you have of him/her. And sometimes, it’s always easy to fall into the perception of what people say, whether its true or false.

You’ve been my friend for so many years. We’ve shared so much fun and suffering together. I’m going to stick to what I know of you ❤ No matter what people say, you will always be the great person I know you are. Love you always!

I’ve been giving so much thoughts about my further studies. Part of me wants to go overseas. But another part of me is scared sh**less. Somehow, the very thought of learning what I love from the ‘experts’ just makes me so terribly excited. Can this passion overcome all fear that I have?

Then another thing- are the universities I’m interested in willing to accept me?   :S The hard truth…

Anyways, tomorrow is our film’s rough cut screening. Wonder what will the lecturers say? I heard my friends who had their screening earlier have been coming out with the ‘Oh God!!!’ face. I wonder what kind of news will we be getting tomorrow. However, be it good or bad news, I just hope they’re constructive news. Never, is never an option. If there’s time and trust, we can all do whatever it takes to make our film a better film. I know I’ve put my heart into it. I know my teammates have, too. But tomorrow, we shall decide the very next step. Wish us luck and wisdom, as they call it.

One more thing: I’ve come to realise that little wishes can sometimes get the better of you. It’s always good to have dreams and fantasies- I have them every single day- but when it’s time to accept fact, you sometimes just got to. Whether you like it or not. Cause accepting the truth can minimise so much heartbreak and pain. Accepting the truth can spare one from being tied down and wasting so much unnecessary energy and time. Oh yes, accepting the truth can help one move on. Cause time doesn’t linger around you.

As they say: Once bitten, twice shy. Twice bitten, forever shy. (Or something like that.) How true, and the realisation of truth on the early stage can spare me from bitten the THIRD time. Oh, trust me, you wouldn’t like being bitten 3x on the very same spot. Hurts like hell, I tell you…

Truth is like a slap in the face. But this slap saves you from a cut on the heart </3

Goodnight, goodnight. Off to my dreams, I go. But when I wake up, its all back to a fantasy-reality world all over again.


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