Dang, Im hating reality

“If I stand all alone, will the shadow hide the color of my heart;
Blue for the tears, black for the nights fears.” – Rod Stewart.

How true, such a song.

Reality is such a bad place to be in. I mean, even the worst of my nightmares can become the best days of my life. If you get what I mean. WHY MUST REALITY AND HARD FACTS OF LIFE BE SO AWFUL!?!?!?!?!? Bleh!

Ok, nuff of these. I’m going back to write my essay for uni application. Its 320am, and I’ll hit the bed once I’m done. Quit moping, start writing, pam.

Goodbye. No more P.S.es.


Its new

It’s Chinese New Year today, actually, the 2nd day of new year. Things are supposed to be new. Well, yeah, I’m graduating from poly, 3 years is going to be over soon, but well, everything else is pretty much the same. It can get pretty boring around here. And I’m scared.

I know I’ve said before, life’s too short to be afraid. Quote from some guy. But I’m scared, nontheless. I want to graduate, but part of me wants to stay on. I’ve just realised we’re moving on to lifes we never thought we’re going to face.

I’m really scared.

I’ve heard people say things from almost everywhere. Books, TV shows, movies, real life friends, drunk people, and I so terribly want to believe these are true. I even encourage people using these quotes, or sayings. But part of me is so skeptical about these. It’s so hard to be full of hope, sometimes.

Oh well, are there are some other things I dont want to say here, so I’ll probably muse over it.

But I realised that as you grow older each year, things are never as simple as it seems.

P.S. “Oh, she is. But you got to, too.”