I swear i’m under a curse

I cant say too much here. But i have officially confirmed that my life is under a curse that cannot be broken. Not tt you care. But its eating me up, and Im going to obediently follow the curse. I submit to it and I will from now follow all it’s instructions. Never will i disobey it for i shall be hurt. And for all I know, I shall never be realesed of the curse. But all I care is to obey it and hope it will leave me alone.

Well, lets make a pack. I shall obey you, damned curse. And you leave me out of misery. Sounds good. Deal?

From now, my life will thus only concern things important to me. All other is part of uselessness that will be deemed: GO-TO-HELL.

3 times, enough. I get the point, so leave me alone.

And i HATE it when you think im just being weird when there is a million things bothering me. Friend, you are not the only one having problems. Everyone cant be crowding around you hoping that you are fine, well and terrific (as you always are) again. If  you turn your head and take a look at me, well, you’ve seen Damned.

Im not being emo. Thanks shu for asking. Haha! Im just being pissed. Pissed at whatever has been thrown to me and making my life living hell.

Go ahead, ignore me. Live your happy life. You dont need me anyway. hah!


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