I’ll give it up, if that’s what it takes

In the most willing manner, I’ll give it up, if that’s what it takes. Oh yes, I will. But I might never need to. And it’s quite depressing, really.

Someone once told me, if you wake up with a sigh because you’re not going to do what you like to do this day, it’s time to consider if things are worth putting to a stop. Oh God, save my soul. I wake up with a sigh everyday. I love the idea that I’m living, no doubt. But I hate what I’m doing. F****** experiments. Burh!!!!! Its part of the job, yes. But its a fact that I’ve never liked practical sessions during science class. And now I’m stucked with endless ‘practical sessions’. Oh god, the merciless environment is another ‘plus’ point, really. Work even creeps into my dreams. I’m quite desperately in need of some peace. Few more months, Pam. Hang in there.

Some wont understand the kind of commitment I need to give to my work, though I’m just a little shrimp there and don’t mean more than just a pair of hands, but as long as my conscious are clear, I have nothing to feel bad about. I’m just sad you think I don’t care, but I really do. I want fun as much as you, I want to play too, but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. And as much as lady luck ‘loves’ me, dates have to clash with my plans. I want to go, I really do. But I cant. And please understand.

Oh God, let my life be a little easier, won’t you? Some obstacles are not exactly what one needs. They’re just redundant, in my opinion.