I’d probably choose to…

The movie Inception has been creating all these hyped up discussions and theories, which is good, really. I mean, the film in itself is simply a masterpiece. And I dont mean to add on to the massive conversation with my thoughts, which are insignificant to most and not as deeply thought-provoking as many discussions are. But they are personal to me, and I’ve been kept thinking alot, alot. (A true sign of a successful moves, congrats to the filmmakers)

A thought came through my mind after watching the film. If I was Cobb in Inception, would I choose to stay in the dream, or wake up to reality. The first answer to come to mind would be to stay in the dream. I dont know, maybe I’m so scared of reality, the hurt and pain that comes with it. A package deal, or so to speak. You live in the real world, you’ll have some sh*t coming your way. But in the dream, it’s different. Oh, it is different. You get to live in a perfect world, with the people you love. It’s a fantasy, a beautiful fantasy. The most important being able to live with the person you treasure so much, even though all are built upon a stack of lies, of deceit, in a world of nothingness. Dont that beat coming back and living a life of hell all over again?

But maybe thats a cowardly thing to do. A selfish act. An act of denial. Of stupidity? Oh, I dont know, I really dont. Maybe I’m not close to getting my answers yet. Not just yet. I have no answers, just a temptation and an urge to live in that dream forever. Cause sometimes, you feel so much happier living in a dream than coming back to reality. Really. I’ve felt happiness in my dreams I’ve never felt in this world before. And the feeling was amazing, maybe something I can trade the world for. I was so happy I felt I could fly. But no, I swear, I’ve never been this happy, ever. Only in my dreams. True, pure, perfect gladness.

So maybe thats why it’s easier living in dreams.


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