Strangers says it all

I hate to think that way, but sometimes strangers tell you things that inspire you the most. Not that friends dont, just that sometimes strangers hit it spot on. Not the nicest things you wanna hear, but perhaps the most necessarily. Sometimes, the words can hurt your ego a little, and to the sensitive soul, make you feel really embarrassed, but when you think about it, these words makes the most sense. Helps you move on, gives you some form of encouragement.

And so THANK YOU STRANGERS! If only we could be friends! 🙂

Sometimes, the happiest parts of my day are spent day-dreaming. Thinking what would it be like if… and if… and if… If only my life were as exciting as my fantasy. Haha! Not that I’m not trying, some things just cant be forced. I cant force it. It’s bad. And it’s going to hurt way more than just leaving it as it is. Pride and all.

But oh well, tis feeling’s numb already, maybe it’s a good thing. Yeah, perhaps it is. It’s better not to feel anything than sadness, no? I like it, I guess. The none existence of feelings. The part where ‘I dont care’ makes so much sense and everything seem simpler. It’s ok to me. I’d rather that than feel the sorrow. Cheers to a better tomorrow! I guess..


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