I like it that

I can protect my posts. That way I can write all the stuff that I want to keep myself without worrying that people will read them and judge me. I hate it when you tell friends problems, and they discuss it among themselves. Whats the point in sharing your problems then? Some claim its not gossip, but seriously? C’mon, dont be self denial. 2 types of people i loath are self denial folks and self righteous people.

Its so hard to know someone to can trust completely. (my protected posts will give the full account, heeheehee…) Someone who, even when you tell your inner most thoughts, love you for who you are, and dont go telling others your character/personality, etc. Dont make fun of the things that hurt you, even it being the kind of hair on your head, or your lack of (ahh.. secret).

I’ll defend my friends when people mock them. Or even when they gossip about him/her. I hate it when people talk bad about my friends. If they wern’t considered ‘friends’ I wouldnt care less for them. But once I declare them as ‘friends’, no one’s gonna hurt them. Not the least bit. I dont like taking friends lightly. I’m not saying I’m the perfect friend. I have my flaws, oh, so many of them. I’m just hoping for a friend who will back me up when I need them. I wish to say I have only a handful of them, but honestly, who knows what goes on behind your back? Acts of betrayal happens when to much trust are used we become blind.

I’m not saying not to trust anyone. If you can find someone great, go ahead. Trust them with your life. I’m just saying no friend is perfect, neither am I.


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