The final stage of post-pain

Numbness. Reaching the state of numbness is like enlightenment. You reach a point where anything else doesn’t matter anymore. The most shocking news, the most painful story, or the most terrifying nightmare. The ‘information’ now just come and go, like any other ordinary fact. Without feeling. Emotionless. The stage of numbness. The most awesome feeling ever. Because whatever comes after no longer brings pain and tears. They bring nothingness.

They don’t hurt you, they don’t make you sad. And that’s good, because after years of trying to cure the pain or overcoming the sorrow, you’ve finally succeeded. You’re ‘strong’, cause nothing hurts anymore. You’re the ‘ultimate’, because no one can bring you pain.

It takes years of training, tears, to reach this stage of numbness. A point where nothing else matters. You want your tears to fall, but nothing triggers pain. You want to scream out anger, but but angst has turned you down. Anything that shouts PAIN is now a OK, COOL. Whatever, I don’t care.

But not everyone can reach this ultimate stage of numbness. It takes a lot of bad luck. Cause that’s when people finally give up already and dont give a  fu*k about feelings anymore. Thats when you reach a point where nothing else matters.

How great is a feeling like this.


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