The plus side of being scared

Being scared only means you’re moving on, in to something huge.

Or something that goes like that. One of my favorite lines/moment in How I Met Your Mother. I like it that while the show is so goddamn funny, there’s always a meaningful message to the 20 minute show. A little preachy some times, but it works. Works great for me.

Another of my favs:

The girl (or guy, for some) of your life is running as fast as she (he) can to you.

Really, I’m awfully bad at memorizing lines from shows, but the concept is as close as I can get for this one. I think I mentioned this is later post, but just wanted to remind myself of them now. Just for fun.

But back to the ‘scared’ part, I think this message rings so true. I guess I’m facing a pretty scary part of my life now, applying (re-applying as a matter of fact) for university now, trying to move on to the next chapter of my life. The next chapter being halfway across the world from the place I call home. I scared, oh you bet I am, but I guess this only means I’m moving on, in to something great. Something different. And it’s exciting too.

Aites, back to applying. Much stuff to fill in for the Common Application. Wish me tons of luck. Really need that 🙂


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