Oh August Baby

This may sound kiddy, but I was that close to losing my pet hamster, August. Brought her for a walk in the park since the weather was perfect tonight. It is common that while she’s happily running on my palms, whenever there’s a slight noise, or when someone jogs pass us, she’s freeze, or sometimes sprint to god knows where. But I usually manage to catch her on time. Just about 15 minutes ago, when Mom was opening the gate of the house, August sprint out of my hands, landed head first of the ground and rolled into a small drain. Sounds comical, but I bet you it’s not. She was in the little drain in an awkward position, and not moving. I tried to touch her a little, but she just stayed as she was. I was so scared, so terrified. The image of Chivo (my late hamster) flashed across my head. The image of when I first discovered she was ill. I was so, so scared. Nothing can happen to August. I cannot afford to lose her like Chivo did.I just stared at her, hoping she’s well, and telling myself that another minute of this wait is going to kill me.

I let August be, in her little awkward position for a while, say 3 minutes, then she started to move a little. Seems like all her limps are intact and working. So relieved. Then she walked a little, and thank God I could see she was fine. She even nibbled on some dried grass in the drain. So I let her sniff my hands and picked her up. So, so glad.

She’s now back in her cage, cleaning herself up, eating this apple treat I gave her. I’m so thankful, and so relieved. I don’t know what will I ever do. Not prepared, not prepared at all.

❤ my August.


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