Movies & Tv Shows + Books = Best of Both Worlds

And life as we know it- bleh, for now, at least. Need to escape reality and feast myself in stories. That’s what make me alive!


Books, and what’s good?

Stories! The number one form of entertainment.

I get to imagine. Since nothing is dead pan visual, I can imagine what the characters look like, I can make up my own imagination of the surroundings as written in the book, I can create an entire world of visuals simply based on descriptions from books. What I have is a set of words, but what I can imagine is a whole new universe altogether.

Its fun to visualize, I like it. Sometimes, I think of a style, the kind of lighting a particular scene is bathed in, the shot sizes even (hehehe!) It is so much fun!


Movies, and whats good?

Stories! Without them, its just visuals of self indulgence. No, no, no. Not good at all.

Visuals! Coupled with stories, I watch stories unfold. I can enjoy the cinematic way of storytelling. Wonderful!

Its like a real life experience. Visuals, sound, dialogues. I feel like i live in them movies.


Anyway, it’s almost 4 am. I’m just blabbering, don’t mind me. Just random thoughts and feelings. So much more of a detailed list and better composition i might be able to come up with, but now I just want to sleep. Haha!


Cant wait to watch Dexter later today, and read J.P’s Women’s Murder Club series! 5th Horseman! Yay 🙂


University Applications: Sumbitted

Woah! I’ve just submitted my last piece of information to Columbia College Chicago, which means that all university applications for Spring 2011 are now complete! What a relieve. The process is not fun at all.


Here are the universities I’ve applied to:

Chapman University

Loyola Marymount University

Temple University

Boston University

Columbia College Chicago

University of Miami


I’d really love to apply to:

Florida State University (!!!!!!!!!!)

University of Texas- Austin

Northwestern University


Either they dont offer Spring classes, or the deadlines are over. What a shame, I’d really love to give these schools a try. They seem really good 🙂


But anyway, good luck to the applications. Hope none of the documents goes missing (bad experience) or things they need last minute. Smooth applications pleaseeee! 🙂


Good luck to me and everyone applying to universities currently! 🙂