Things we forget

I’m sorry, this title has nothing to do with my post. Maybe someday I could make a post relevant to the title, though I can easily think of many ‘things we forget’. But anyhow..

I’ve been asking myself a lot of this lately: Am I ready? Am I ready for college, really? Lately, I have to admit I’m anxiously waiting for replies from the colleges I have applied to. I hope to get into a few more colleges, so I can have some to choose from. So anxious, you know? And then comes the question if I am ready. I dont know. Now, even now, few months before I’ll begin school, I still dont know. But all I know now is that I’m excited, eager, motivated. I probably wont know if I am ready till the first day of university. Probably. But right now, I’m doing all I can do is get ready. Learning to cook, jogging, reading up on life in college, talking to friends who are already in overseas universities. And I could swear I’m looking forward. No doubt, scared, afraid, and seriously, so scared I can pee in my pants. But I’m excited. And I want to get ready. That’s all about it, isnt it? I cant wait!

All I need now is encouragement. No more doubts. Warnings? Well, that helps. But I am well aware of the dangers. But encouragements. Support. I need these more than anything right now.

I’d love to write more. Maybe in my next post I will. But mom’s rushing (and nagging) me down for dinner now. Argh. Another reason for me to be excited about college. HAHA!

Laters šŸ™‚


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