It’s christmas today!

I had an awesome time with my family tonight. There was a gift exchange, and I got a really sweet angel pendant from Mummy! She’s my Secret Santa. I am, on the other hand, my sis’s Secret Santa. Got her a pencil box and loads of markers. I do hope they’ll last her through her Uni years. Mom got some fragrance stuff from Dad from The Body Shop. Dad’s got a new belt from my sis! My grandparents got a pair of almost matching Hush Puppies T-shirt. I think they really loved it. And Auntie EE has a Body Shop sleeping spray. I wonder whats up with my family and Body Shop. Even August, my hamster, and Junior, my sis’s hamster, has Christmas pressies! They got some fresh new hay, stolen from Natalie, our 8 year old bunny.


Christmas marks the end of a year. Almost. I cant wait for 2011! August, especially. I cant wait to enter film school! I’m turning 21 next April, but the thought of entering school excites me more than being 21. Hmm.


And tonight, I’ll pray. I haven’t prayed in years. But tonight, I think I’ll talk to God a little. It’s been a while.


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