Am i too young to understand?

Am I too immature to understand why people get married?


While I’m not a fan of romance type movies, I’d watch a few once in a blue moon. Yeah, well, it’s romantic, it’s touching, it’s sweet, and funny sometimes. But what happens to the characters when the credits roll? If their life behind the silver screen do exist, when the ‘film’ fades to black, they’ll grow old. And then, what happens? Is life still as sweet and exciting as portrayed in their movie? Or what would they do when they face problems they cannot run away from?


When one is young; differences, hardships, and challenges, makes life interesting. They give us an aim, and help us find ourselves. But when you grow old, all you want is to be comfortable. No? I dont know, I’m just assuming. And so a clash of ideas and personalities makes life (or the almost lack there of) difficult and wavering. When all they want is some peace. So, can romance still be accounted for when one is old? Or is romance reserved only for the young?


Can a romantic marriage truly last?


Please dont judge me. I’m not a romantic. I dont believe in love at first sight, having a soul mate, or marrying your one true love, for that matter. I believe people have the rights and power to change their ‘destiny, fate’. I believe people can fight to love. (Not fight for peace, mind you.) Fight adversaries to love someone. But romance, chemistry, or the so called ‘electricity’, plays a part too, no? Oh, I dont know. So can a combination of these factors lasts with the inevitable effects of time? Does time destroy romance, and the will to fight for something you believe in, or, more importantly, someone you love?


The question really is, can a romantic marriage last?


Or do you simply accept the person that you are married to as just another family member you have to live with for life? You know, think: Dude, I have no other choice. I’m too old to make a choice. I’m dying with this one. Suck on it.


I dont know. I dont know if you know what I’m saying, even. I’m confused. It’s complicated.


All I know is: I dont know if I understand marriage.

I dont know if I understand time.


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