I ❤ the holidays. I mean, my friends’ holidays. Cause it’s like my holidays too! Since, you know, I’m not working yet.

Can’t wait to find a new job next year! I guess I just hate rusting at home. Doing nothing at home for a month is heavenly. But too much is never good, I guess. After a while, it just sucks all the energy and excitement in you. But I believe I’m going to work soon! And I can earn some cash to pay for my lodging in uni next fall! Excited.

Today, I learnt that hamsters can’t eat cheese. I hope I never found out, though, because I THINK I MIGHT just have fed Chivo some cheese about the time of his death. I cant know for sure, since I was away on a shoot 2 days before Chivo’s death in Jan this year, but I MIGHT have fed it to him a couple of days before leaving for the shoot. Now I feel as guilty as a murderer would. Damn. I’m sorry, Chivo.


Goodnight, then.


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