I think I’m going crazy. And I dont think I can take this.




Because this is just impossible. And it’s crazy.



Everyone’s probably heard of the lyrics: Cause girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.


Why is people always telling me to change? ‘Wear some girls clothes.’ ‘Put on some make up.’ ‘Be, or at least try to be, a girl.’ It’s definitely not their fault for saying these. I’m not blaming anyone. In fact, I’m appreciative. Thankful for them. I listen to these advices, take them in. Maybe I should change? Maybe I should try to be more proper.


But why cant someone just say: You’re amazing, just the way you are.

(Maybe ’cause I’m not amazing. Haha!)


If I did something wrong, I would change. I would accept all criticism in a heartbeat. But did I do something wrong? I don’t know.


I’m not angry. Not the least bit. (In fact, I’m happy, cause I just changed my crayfish’s water!!) I’m just pondering..


Oh wells. I’ve just applied for a PA job at a production house in Singapore. Hope I’ll get the job! Or whichever job they would offer. I’m so looking forward, and I swear I’ll give my best to the job offered to me. Keeping my fingers crossed! Cross your fingers for me too! 🙂