Half my life i’ve known you

I looked into her eyes, her long eyelashes, her little nose, and delicate mouth, and her silky whiskers.

I stared into her soul.

Yes, rabbits do have souls.

I smile when she licks my palm, and laughs when she runs after me for food.

I feel so loved when I carry her, knowing that she trusts me. She trust us all.

I wander at the beauty of her fur. So uneven, so rough, yet so beautiful.

She’s given us so much. I dont know how can we ever repay her for her affection and her love. It’s priceless and its unconditional. It’s our privilege to have her, it’s our honor to know her. I enjoy every time she spends with us, even if that means cleaning off her loose fur from the insides of my nose.

And then, we feed her her medicine, and our heart broke. We clean off the blood on her urine. The pain we feel, the understanding that we are losing her to an incurable illness cannot be explained in words.

She’s like my Aunt’s baby. She’s like all of our baby. How many times I’ve tried to stop the tears. I’ve succeeded, but I dont think I can hide them any longer. Just love her too much.

Natalie, my princess, be strong. We’re here for you.


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