I guess it’s about time to start unfollowing the Common Application FB page on my Facebook. I’ve been receiving a lot of notifications from that organization recently, and part of my past comes back to me. A dream I once had, a future I once believed in.


It’s been almost a year since I followed the page, and I remember visiting their site everyday to check for updates and important information. I guess things are different now. I believe I’m happier this way, I’m living another dream, something so different from the one I used to dwell in. But it’s ok. I believe I’m happier this way.


But sometimes I cant help but wonder what is my life like in the alternate universe? The one where I would be in LMU now, studying, making new friends. Would I be happier, would I not? What would my future be like? Brighter or worse? Would I receive true happiness, something that I can confidently say I’m experiencing now? Or would I, be any chance, be happier? I dont know.


I guess these questions doesn’t matter now. We have only 1 life to live. Every decision will inevitably change our future. Mine has changed my future, obviously. So there’s no point wondering and daydreaming. I’ve made the decision, and I have the responsibility to stick to it and be faithful to it.


So there goes, goodbye Common Application on FB. You have served me well. May you help other youths reach their dreams. I guess I’ve found mine.


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