When you called

When you call me randomly, you make me smile. I feel like an idiot sometimes, but that’s how I see that you’re thinking of me 🙂 and there’s no greater feeling in the world than feel your love 🙂


Stop thinking about it

“You’ll definitely do better over there. Staying here is like… having your talents contained in a box.”

My classmate said.

My talents (o.O) I have them. Yay!

I should really stop thinking about this. It doesn’t matter anymore. No regrets. Full stop.

Sometimes I wonder what is it like to bring over elements from the past and experience them again now. I want to feel chased again. I want to feel longed for again. I want to feel like how I felt in the past. All these all over again.

School’s out. A couple more projects to tidy, and we’re done! Really thankful for the people I know in class, they really make going to school wayyy more fun.

If you care enough, you’ll find me again.

Time of your life

This is the time of my life I should never forget. The time when everything is sweet and loving. When everything is just so wonderful 🙂 The small talks, the promises of pecks on the cheeks even when we’re old, the promises of hugs and love, the promise of the future. I hope these will stay the same, yet I know they won’t. “The only constant is change”. But whatever the change might be, may it be for the better. A stronger relationship, a deeper love, a better understanding of one another.


Romance may not last forever, but I believe love will. Sweet talks might just be a passing phase, but promises can be forever.


Sometimes, I’m scared of the future. It’s so distant, yet everything’s happening so fast. Things can happen in the minute, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. But I read somewhere that if 2 people hold on to something and really believe in it, nothing in the world can change it. I keep this close to my heart and pray to God that this is true.


All I’d ever ask is a future. That is all.


May this be us.

In Another Dimension

In another dimension, something else is happening. Something so different, yet they connect with mine somehow. I wonder what is it like in the other dimension. What is my life like? What am I doing now? Where am I going to in the future?


I believe there’s such a dimension. But I guess I’ll never meet the other Mes. Hi, Pam, hope you’re doing well. And treated nicely. Be nice.


Whats my life like in the other dimensions?

Me want a (heart)

I got to be strong these 2 weeks, cause I (heart) you.


All I need to do is to trust that not seeing each other everyday does not mean loving less. And trust that you wont run away, ever.


I got to be strong and encouraging. Be the least of your worry.


I cant wait for the semester break. Could really use a vacation now.