You’re Beautiful

First, Merry Christmas everyone!!! It’s a jolly holiday and may you all enjoy every moment of this 🙂


I was clearing my wardrobe recently when I found a cute little survey my girl friends and I did when we were in secondary school. The survey contains silly girly questions like who do we think will get married first, who will have the most kids, who will have the most number of boyfriends before they get married, etc. I suppose we didnt take these questions too seriously- they were done in the name of fun after all.


There was one question that I took really lightly last time, but see it in a slightly different light now that my life has changed quite some bit. The question was: Whose husband will be the most handsome?


Being shy, ‘humble’ asians, we were taught not to show off or be proud since young (a very good trait, really. But sometimes misinterpreted by the followers themselves.) Most of us would put our future ‘spouse’ as the least handsome, paring the prettiest girl with the most handsome ‘future husband’. I might have done that in the past, but when I did my survey now, I very ‘thickskinnly’ vote myself as the girl who would marry the most handsome man in the future.




Shouldn’t one be proud to be marrying/dating (lets use a less serious word here) the person they love? And also proud of the way he/she looks? See him/her as the most beautiful person on earth, and feeling so lucky to be chosen by that someone? It’s actually a very simple thought. Not to be proud about your partner, but to be proud of him/her. To see him/her in a way no one else can, and to love him/her more than anyone (except parents) else in this world can ever do so. To be able to sing “I don’t see what anyone can see, in anyone else but you.”


So next time, when someone asks if your boyfriend or girlfriend is handsome or pretty, don’t say “No lah, ok ok only…”. Say “Yes.” in pride and love. That’s what your special someone would love to hear, and thats probably what you yourself would want to hear too.


I am more proud than ever to say that my boyfriend is the most charming, handsome and beautiful man in the world. Yes, he is.


My silly survey doers ❤


Friends since Secondary (Some since primary)


My handsome boy. And not ashamed to say it.


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