You’re the honey to my green tea (winks)

This week has been a really though one, with my favorite pets dying, family quarrels and all, but thank you for being there for me.


Thank you for helping me think in perspective and realise that I am not always right.

Thank you for stopping me do rash things.

Thank you for giving in to be because you know I’m in a bad mood. Actually, thank you for ALWAYS giving in to me :’) I know, boy, I know.

Thank you for showing me that you care even when I’m in my deepest hellhole. I really needed it. Thank you for the hugs, the peck on my cheek, the drying of my tears and the holding of my hand. You showed me that I’m not alone in this world although it seems like I am. You helped me through this, and I wouldn’t have gone through this like I did without you.

Thank you for showing me how to love my family more.

Thank you, most importantly, for being you. The irritating, mischievous, disgusting, yet sensitive, loving and caring you.


You’ve been making those funny noise with your throat these days cause it’s probably dry and itchy. You have no idea how much it irritates me, but the moment you stop, I realised that I find the sound so funny and cute that I actually missed it.


You like to push and drag me along with our hands when we’re walking, and it irritates me. I told you how much I hated it. But sometimes when I am daydreaming, I laugh at you doing it, and I miss holding your hands again 🙂


I always get pissed and sad when I lose to you at PS3 NBA games, which is all the time, but after we stop, I feel like playing with you again, and losing to you. I don’t know why. I mean, I wanna win, but it’s funny how I always lose.


I whine when you are playing your computer games and ignore me, but I actually like that you are like a boy, so engrossed in your games. And I like that you enjoy time by yourself, that you don’t rely on me to be happy. You’re a man after all, and I really admire you for that. (That doesnt mean you can use this as an excuse hehehe!!!)


I complain that you’re not romantic, but I really love you like this. This straightforward, ‘squarehead’ boy, cause you’re honest, and sincere, and when you do something little and random to surpirse me, I treasure such moments more. I asked you if we could ride on a horse by the seaside someday and you just stared at me and say I’m crazy. I asked if you’d fly to the moon with me, you said “No. You know how ex not?” I asked when you’ll give me my first flower and you’ll purposely change the topic in my awareness. You said you wont buy me any more stuff toys, but you made me one. You made it. You said you won’t see the huge christmas tree at Vivo with me, but when we visited it, you load a photo of a mistletoe with your phone and we kissed under it.


You dont’t know how much I love you. I’ll “walk 500 miles for you”. Ok, I’m the romantic, you’re the practical one, but opposite attracts, no? We fulfill each other like this, and you make me so happy.


I’m sorry it seems like I don’t trust you sometimes, it’s not that I don’t, but I’m scared that once I ‘let my guards down’, I’ll end up really hurt. But I’m getting there, boy, I can see that I am. A little further and we’re free. I promise.


Looking forward to a new year with you. And so so much more.


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