You don’t have to

You don’t  have to do anything particularly romantic. I try not to be superficial.


I want romance, I sure do. I mean, which girl doesn’t? It’s human nature I guess.


But I dont need it.


All I need is to know that you treat and love me more than another other girl in the world (expect your mom). Show me more concern than you’ll show other girls. Give me more of your time. Show that I am worth more than other girls combined.


That is all I need to see, and I need to feel.


If not, I’ll be just an empty shell.


Study Bud.

You’ve changed so much since last semester (in a good way) and I’m so proud of you. 6 months ago, you’ll probably be playing LOL, but now, you’re right infront of me, studying 🙂


You’re such a motivation, and you dont even know it. So hardworking, serious and driven. A sight I really love to see ^.^


Wanted to take a photo with you to upload on my blog, but you’re concentrating so hard I wouldn’t want to disturb you. Lets keep it up together, alright? We’ll do well this semester, and the many more to come. It’ll lead us to a bright future together.


So much confidence, so much hope. Looking forward :’)


Now, back to studying. Exams next week. Bleh


We can do it!