No point

No point always trying to be first. It’s the people who finish the race that wins.


All I have to do now is concentrate on this semester, and the rest shall be left to nature.


No mood.


Proud of You

I’m so happy you’re so hardworking this semester, taking the initiative to do your work, going for all your classes, participating in class discussions. The seriousness that I see in you, the commitment and the drive.


I know that means less time for me. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it. I mean, I want to be supportive, the (smart) girl behind a successful man’s back. But this takes effort too, and I’m trying.


No doubt that within me still lies the fear and the uncertainties. All those doubts and questions I still seek. But I’m trying. To move on and to learn to live and let live. It aint easy but with your help and my perseverance, I think we can do it one day.


It takes a big heart to forgive.. I’m just gonna try.