Goodbye, lady.

“… and I like less than half of you as well as you deserve.” Bilbo, LOTR.


I used to like you so much more than you ‘deserve’, but I guess now I’ll use the statement above to limit the love that I used to willing give away. I’ve tried so hard, maybe too hard. I’ve followed all the rules. I’ve been good, given you so much respect. And above all, I’ve done what I’ve done with utmost sincerity. With so much love and honesty..


But I guess you don’t see it. I’m sad, but it’s ok. I’ll move on.


But don’t blame me if I love you less. And I will care less, definitely.


It’s a defense mechanism..


Goodbye, lady. We’ll be seeing less of each other. It’s good news for you, as it is for me.


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