Take Me Away… …

Take me some where, where I have no worries of this world. Let me be free, away from the bottomless pit of hell. I always wanted to be away, free. No more troubles and worries… I ask you to bring me to places where I can find joy, places which scream of freedom, where I won’t be stressed anymore. And then, I realised that freedom and happiness is right beside me all along.


Being beside you makes me truly happy- well, not all the time. You make me sad sometimes, angry and frustrated… Sometimes I wish you weren’t here, because without you, I wouldn’t have to face all these mess. And then I thought, what would I do without you? Would I be any happier without you around? The answer is simple. A straight No.


I cannot find security anywhere, but with you. I cannot experience happiness when you’re not here to enjoy it with me. Most importantly, I cannot feel love without knowing that you loved me first…


While it is not easy, I want to put all these confusion and frustration aside. Everything else is secondary, really. Let me focus on us. Then maybe I can truly be free.


P.S. I want to bring my entire family to ECP again soon. Grandpa, grandma, daddy, mummy, EE, mei and myself. It has been too long since we enjoyed time together as a family.. Sorry I have been facing some troubles lately, let me get back on my feet and I’ll be home again.. As in, not literally.. but you know what I mean..


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