Open your heart

Girls are generally petty. But I’m not going to use this as an excuse for my bad behaviour. Sometimes I find myself very petty. (I hope it’s pretty, but no, I meant petty).


How small things bother and affect me. I get irritated by this little little things, and I become sad. But hey, why be sad? As the saying goes, we all have 24 hours to live in a day, and whether we are sad or happy, life still goes on. Life goes on, right? Why waste time being sad? It took me long enough to understand this. And I’m still trying…


If we learn to open our hearts a little and take life a little less seriously, we’ll be a happier person. Sometimes, I ask myself: Will what happen today still affect me 5 years down the road? If the answer is no, then really, I shouldn’t even bother about it. Being a small person is not nice: not only does it not make you happy, it affects the people around you. And if you love someone, why hurt them, right? Being a ‘small person’, to me, is: petty, unforgiving, calculative, selfish, jealous. And being a ‘big person’ is a mere opposite of those.


A good friend once told me about this emperor in China. He is a very sincere person, and he treats his brother-in-law with alot of sincerity, honesty and respect. He believes that by treating his people well, they will honor and love him as an emperor. But as there are always evil people in this world, his brother-in-law betrayed his trust and went against him. He also got the people to rebel against the emperor. Now, did the emperor deserve any of these? No. He was kind, sincere and honest. But why suffer these painful betrayal? Well, I guess this is life. No one can say why…. Hopefully he learnt something valuable out of these. And although the people did not love him, it’s ok, really. His conscious is clear.


Its difficult to accept such facts of life. People say that good will come to the people who are good. But sometimes, none of these is true. People get away with things. Others dont get rewarded for the things they have done well. But really, life goes on. Whats important is your conscious. And if man cant see what you’ve done well, at least God can.


And deep inside your heart, you know you’ve been good. That’s very, very important.


Dont matter what they say…


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