Just… Already.

Just… Let my dreams come true already.. I cannot wait anymore.. It’s tiring and I’m getting really, really sad…


Helping people out

I forgot to bing my ez link card out today just when I was rushing for the train. Had to buy a one way ticket. It made matters worse when the machine only accepts up to $4 when I have $10. I was mad pissed- how can my day get any worse. But it became better. Thanks to one old man.

He was queueing at the control station looking lost. I was there to ask for $2 in change. He only spoke mandarin and the assistant was a Malay. I did what was only right- went to help translate. It seems like he wanted elderly concession card. The assistant told me that he has to apply first before receiving the card. He handed us a form (in English) and I told the elderly man what he had to do. He said thanks and walled away. However, I saw that he was still very confused.. Staring into the letter walking really slowly. And I? I was in a rush. I needed my small notes and the queue was getting longer. But still, I did what I should have done. I went up to him and helped fill up the form. Names, addresses and all.. When it was done, the assistant told us that he needed to put in his photo and send the form via mail. He will only get his card a few days later. I translated all these to the old man and got something wonderful in return. His warm and sincere smile. Then, he left.

When we do something good ( in this case, it wasn’t necessarily good, just right) what do we think about? I have to admit, at the back of my head, I hoped for good karma. A change of luck maybe? But then that’s wrong. I shouldn’t even be wishing for that. So what, then? A good feeling? The satisfaction of doing something good? Maybe not. I guess it all boils to one think. A simple word with a straight forward concept, but very difficult to attain. It probably all boils down to love. Love for man kind. Helping the old man because you love him. That’s all. Not karma or the feeling of happiness. Though feeling happy naturally comes with doing something right. But more importantly, the understanding that people need love too. I probably made his day a little simpler. And I probably won’t get anything in return, but the knowledge that I gave away some love to a arranger who needed it.


I wonder if it’s better if life is just one big lie… Because sometimes the lies that might hurt you, are in fact better than reality.


If one is doing something because he/she is guilty, then thats not quite the way to do things, huh?


I’m just sick and tired of the way things are sometimes.. Why cant life just go my way for once? Why does it seem i’m going against one huge current? Why does it feel like I’m never reaching my goals, only to be pushed further back every day? C’mon, grant my wish for once. Make things better for me, for once. I feel like I’m running on a┬átreadmill. I prefer jogging on tracks, because although I end up at Point 1, at least I get somewhere for a while.


For just a while. It’ll be sweet..