Walking the talk

Words, they are easy to speak. But action, actions, they are difficult to do. Promises, they break easier than a twig. And faith, they are easily lost.


Hang on to what’s important. Forget what doesnt matter. Live and let live. Let go, you dont need so much memories.


Believe what’s worth believing.


Believe only what is worth.



My sis’ flying off to Canada in a few days time, and she won’t be home until 5 months later. I’m going to miss this pest so much 😦


So worried that she wont be warm enough, so worried that she’s not going to eat enough, so worried that she’s going to miss home, so worried that she has to much work load, so worried that shes not gonna eat enough fruits and vegetables 😦 But I know this little girl has to leave, and this way, she will learn to grow.


Please dont get lost… I’m so worried that I’m constantly thinking of her these few days.


But shes going to have so much fun making new friends, actually learning how to cook, living an independent life, playing with her tenant’s dog and most importantly, staring into those cells and microorganisms she so love. We are all so proud and excited for her, abet being worried sick.


Take care, baby sis.


I love you.