Many small problems make it large

There are so many things bothering me now, I feel that they are piling up. I’m suffocating, stuck beneath all these burdens.


Have I brought these upon myself? Do I deserve these? Why does doing good, and trying to be nice betray me?


I seek comfort in the One, but I still feel uncertain sometimes. At times, I feel the protection and comfort, and other times, I feel denied. Can anything not be certain anymore?


Giving up dont do me good. But smiling and laughing doesn’t help either.


One by one, I’ll solve them. A step at a time. I dont believe I cannot over come these.


And I feel that I’m always waiting, waiting for the day to come. I’m tired of waiting anymore. Soon, soon… I’ll give up and do what I have to do… Soon, I’ll know the truth.




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