Miss those days

Was randomly watching an old video from the FSV days. Left my laptop in the NLE room, and the boys hacked it. They played the rickroll music and recorded their dance with my laptop, and uploaded it on FB. Also changed my name to Sharon Phua, our scriptwriting lecturer.


It was so funny and it almost brought tears to my eyes. Those good, old days.


While it is impossible to turn back time and relive those days all over again, the memories we shared will remain forever. I cannot imagine a better time in my life than those days we all spent together. Some of us havent talked to each other for ages, while most of us are still close friends till today. But despite the distance between us, there is something that holds us together. How I wish we could all meet again some day, and talk the way we did 5 years ago.


Life’s like this, you cannot keep the people beside you forever. But memories can he kept if you are willing to remember the bad and the good.


We are all at different stages of our lives now. We have grown. We are still learning like we were in the past, but we have moved on. Nontheless, I thank God for us. I thank the days we had, the fun, the laughters, the bullying, the teasing, the time we were all stressed, the times we argued, the times we made fun of people we didnt like, the days we kept on pushing and encouraging one another. Those days will never happen again. I dont think anything could replace the 3 years we all spent together. But those memories and friendship will never be forgotten.


There’s so much in life 🙂


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