Be Strong and Courageous

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God has commanded us to be brave. It’s not an option, it’s a command.


Sometimes i get scared. Sometimes I get insecure. Lord, I admit my weakness, I bring to you my fears. Please give me strength to do the things You have commanded me to do. Please make me bold. Make me strong. That with my faith, I can move mountains.


Lord, this fear, it’s bad. The ‘scared-ness’ and the worrying, and the anxiety. And I know that only You can bring me strength. I know that only You can help me. Please help me, Lord, and help me, help myself. Whenever I get scared, remind me to seek you. Lord, give me strength.


A good friend always tell me: Dont worry, if things even if you don’t want it to, it’s ok. It only means you get a clearer perspective of what you think matters, and find out sooner that maybe it is all not worth it? It’s always better to find out sooner than later, isn’t it? The lesser you’ve invested time and energy to it, the more you come out of it less hurt.


May I remember this all the time.


And Lord, I leave all these into Your hands. I cannot handle it myself. I are weak, but He is strong.


But Lord, everyday, I pray for strength. I hope that every night before I sleep, I was braver than I was in the morning. And everyday I wake up, I face the day more courageous than I was the night before.

This is my prayer, O Lord. And with faith, I know You will grant me this.




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