Don’t need the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Sometimes you walk pass a place, and a thousand and one memories come flying into your brains. Some of them beautiful, some of them painful. Sometimes you wonder if you need them- do you need these memories? Is living easier if you don’t remember?

I never quite thought of wanting to remove memories. Sure, they hurt sometimes. Other times, they make you question yourself. But it is those memories that shape you. You are who you are with the things you’ve lived through, and more importantly, still remember after time have pass. They remind you of a conscious decision and effort to change your life, and in a magical way, they shape you. They make you stronger today than what you are yesterday.

Erasing memories will only be an easy way out to move on in life. But I question if doing so makes you a happier person? Without the pain, how are we to enjoy the time we have now, and appreciate the future? Without pain, how do we constantly remind and push ourselves to improve? Pain is necessary for growth..

So, sometimes I walk pass the mrt, and memories come flooding in. Sometimes I try to distract myself. But I realised it’s unnecessary. By facing the facts and realizing that those are already the past, I feel better about myself then I did when I avoided the facts. This, I guess, is part of growing up, it’s part of moving on. And it’s wonderful, because I find myself more courageous and more excited to face the future.

I hope it’s going to be good, and I can only place my faith and trust in Him. But I hope it’s going to be good, and I hope we’ll make it work.

You need the past to enter the future


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