3 most difficult words to say

When we usually think of the most difficult words to say, we usually think:’I love you’, or ‘I am sorry’. Well, I guess they are really very difficult to say. Saying ‘I love you’ means more than words, and I feel that the words have to be said with the most sincerity, honesty, and love. Saying ‘I am sorry’ beings yourself down, to admit your own mistakes, and it takes a lot of humility. We all find these hard to say. I find these words difficult too.


But I learnt that perhaps the 3 most difficult words to say are probably not ‘I love you’, or ‘I am sorry’. They are probably ‘Thank You Lord’.


We always praise the Lord when He blessed us. We thank Him for the food, we thank Him for friends and family, we thank Him for giving us life. Sure, we have to be grateful for these. But I wonder if we thank Him for the things He take away? Do we thank Him for removing people from our lives? Do we thank Him for the pain we have to endure, or if thins don’t work out the way we want them to? It’s so damn difficult to say Thank You Lord, when we are facing the toughest time. Sometimes, it seems insane. But i think it takes a great amount of faith to say thank you to Him, even when things dont work out well. He sees the bigger picture, but we cannot.


I don’t always do that. I find it difficult to thank Him when i feel sad. Sometimes, I admit that I say it but I dont mean it, and that is as good as not saying, or even worse. But at times of sorrow, I try to just keep calm, and sincerely talk to God. Sometimes, I ask Him why. Many times I tell Him I’m hurt. But I ask Him to teach me how to be grateful. It’s difficult, I fail sometimes, but I’m trying…


What a friend we have in Jesus. I thank Him for all my wonderful friends. Girls and guys who have been with me every step of the way. Friends whom I can be who I am infront of them. Friends who understand, even when words need not be spoken. How I thank God for them. But I thank God for Him too. He’s here all the time, even when I feel alone. Before I sleep, when I need just someone to talk to, He is here. And He has never left.


I don’t know about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand. But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.


Lord, teach me how to seek comfort in the Rock who never sinks.


I feel weak, vulnerable and insecure at times. But I know I need to trust in the Lord, who also teach me how to trust in the people He wants me to trust…


Leaving it in Your worthy hands..


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