Don’t Want Cinderella’s Glass Slippers



I’d gladly trade Cinderella’s glass slippers for a pair of work boots. I don’t need a prince charming. I don’t need a ‘happily ever after’ future that depends on a guy. I don’t need castles and carriages, parties and fairy godmothers. I will work for my future. I’ll rely on myself.


I want to live the life free from dependence. Where my heart is strong and my mind is focused.


I am going to build my own future, with my pair of hands, sweat, hard work, common sense, brains… I’ll get by with a little help from my friends… But I cannot rely on them.


Who needs a prince charming to find your glass slippers? Who needs to rely on your knight to bring you happiness? Wait at home for ‘the one’? I’d rather work. Put on the pair of boots and go out there to work. Under the sun, in the rain, day and night. My own pair of hands, my own feet.


You can lose everything in this world, but  you cannot lose yourself. And if you still have your own consciousness and respect for self, you’ll survive. If you rely on a prince, yes, you might get to enjoy high-tea everyday. Wake up at 10 every morning to have your day’s schedule planned and served to you. Gossip with the girls and giggle at silly little things. But you didn’t earn them. They are not yours.


You can wish upon a star, but after you pray, get up, and get down to business. Get the job done. Move your feet, follow your dreams…


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