Owe NO One a Living

When I was in primary school, I saw a sign that says: Singapore owe no one a living. I didn’t quite understand the meaning of that phrase.

But today, I’m gg put it into action.

I don’t owe anyone a living. My life belongs to me, I make my own decisions. I make myself happy. God, too, definitely. But human wise- its me. It’s good to be selfish once in a while. I think I deserve it. I deserve to make myself happy, and not rely on anything perishable on this earth.

I’m not going to be at no ones mercy. I’m not going to wait. There’s more in life than stupid things like these. I want to do voluntary work. I want to get an internship. I want to do the things that fulfills me. Perhaps, this holiday, I’ll take a short trip somewhere. Just by myself. Perhaps. It’ll be fun! Or when I save enough money, I’ll make a trip some where far… Some place peaceful and beautiful.

No body owes you a living. Really.

Do what makes you happy. Feel happy from the inside.

When you glow from the inside, you’ll glow on the outside too 🙂

I feel good, and it will be good.


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