I Cannot Imagine a World Without You

I cannot imagine a world without You, Lord. I cannot imagine where will I get my strength to carry on. I cannot imagine how where can I ever place my hopes.


Please keep me close to you. In trails, I thank You for being here. When I am happy one fine day, I want to thank You too. I want to remember You, and I can only do this if You help me.


One day, I know by faith, I will feel genuine happiness inside me. I am happy now, but I know one day, You will provide me with what I need. These troubles, disappointments, worries and anxiety will disappear in Your name. You will take these all away. And You will make me new. I know that day hasn’t come, but one fine day, in faith, I know it will happen. In Your name.


God, help me.


Amen. So let it be.


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