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Don’t Need Much

Walking along the richer estates of my house now… These houses are beautiful. Freshly painted, well-trimed gardens with water features, expensive cars lined up at the porch.

Isn’t this the Singapore dream? Isn’t this what parents send their kids to school for? When people have these, is happiness defined? Are our dreams accomplished?

I don’t know, but when I picture my future, I never quite saw these. I never asked for a huge house. I never drooled over expensive cars. Well, I had my own desires, but I never really asked for them.

I saw a happy family. I see myself waking up beside the person I love. I see myself waking the kids up and rushing them to school. I see myself working at an industry I so love to. I see myself preparing dinner for my husband whenever I had the time to. I see myself struggling to make sure my kids have a comfortable (but not reliant) future. I see myself doing all these with my husband. I see myself struggling to care for my parents and my husband parents.

I never asked for the five big Cs many girls here ask for. I never asked for a rich future. I never wanted to be a tai tai- id rather work my ass off and enjoy the days working outside. Honestly, I never ask for much.

But I don’t know why I can’t find the someone who can give me these little things, yet give me all the love and sincerity possible. Is it really difficult? Has the right one not appeared? Or is God making me wait? I don’t need riches. I don’t want fame and fortune. All I ask for is a simple life with the someone who truly cares. The one who, when I am with, feel more love received then I can ever give. That’s all I ask for. Is that very difficult?

Girls who asked for more get every thing that want, and they demand for even more. Not me, but I don’t have these.

Till such a day come, I won’t be waiting though.. I’ll concentrate on my career. It’s the best thing a girl can secure for herself..

That being said, I still hope that the someone will find me some day. Make me happier than I thought I could ever be.