50 Word story

1. “The old grandmother holds the old family photograph book tightly in her wrinkled hands. She looks intensely at her most beloved and says a little pray for them. Then, she breathes her last. The book of many tales falls from her hands and lands gently on the cold marble floor.”

2. “The little boy looks fearfully at his kindergarten teacher. In his eyes, she looks like a lioness, waiting to gobble him up. Falsely accusingly him of breaking the classroom window, she grabs his little ear and leads him to the principal’s office. He knows he will have no dinner tonight.”

3. “From the corner of her eyes, she sees a shadow trailing her. As she quickens her pace, the figure does so too. Joanne hears a soft panting and soon, she feels a breath on her neck. He grabs her shoulder. Joanne sees a wallet in his hands. It is hers.”

4. “On the last day of school, the classmates bid goodbye to each other. They might not see each other for the rest of their lives. Yet, in the middle of the classroom stand Sandra and Vanessa. Holding on tightly to each other’s hands, they promise to be best friends forever.”

5. “The cruel, unfeeling Japanese soldier snatches Father away from his wailing family. They try to grab hold of each other, hoping to touch his rough hands for one last time. “I’ll be back, I promise,” he says. Yet, deep inside their broken hearts, the family knows that it’s a lie.”


2 thoughts on “50 Word story

  1. This is nice work. Sometimes you work with humour, other times with melodrama. Not only do you follow the requirements of the assignment, you challenge yourself to experiment with different genres.

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