1.“He lies in the middle of a cold, quite road alone. Bleeding profusely, he breaths his last. There is so much James needed to tell them, but now, they’ll have to find out the truth themselves.”

2.“It is time that snatches her grandmother away from her. The cruel, cold-blooded time. How much Elena hates it.”

3.“ ‘War is finally over!’ declares the country’s prime minister. But really, is it? The pain, sorrow and grieve each countrymen feels is far from over. Far from it…”

4.“ The war parts wives from husbands, parents from sons, sisters from brothers. Jeremy from Sandra.”

5.“A tear of joy and sorrow slide down Mother’s face as she carries her weak little newborn child. “I love you, baby. No matter who you are.” She whispers gently.”

6.“He knows it when he first sees her. He will see this girl even on his death bed.”

7.“He looks with intense anger at the man who killed his mother. Yet, he stretches out his hand to shake the murderer’s. ‘Past is…past.’ He says.”

8.“There is something different between Lydia and Sharon. Something about them that no one else have. They have each other.”

9.“They think they are just close friends, really close friends. But never did they expect that they are so close that they shares the same blood.”

10.“Funny isn’t it. When we are born, we cry while others smile. On our death bed, we smile while others cry.”

11.“While the others think that it is hopeless, Melissa sees a baby sprout in the middle of the dry desert ground. “There is hope somewhere,” she whispers.”

12.“Mervin stares blankly at the clock. How he wish for a mighty hand that can help him turn back time, even if it’s just a minute. How he wish.”


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