You Lift Me Up when I am Down

Lord, may I cast all my anxieties upon you. I am scared of the future- but may I have no fear, because You have plans for me, plans to prosper me.


I have faith, because I know You love me. Please guard my way, that I will not wander away from You anymore.


It is all in Your hands. I will not fail.



“Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. Then they were glad that the waters were quiet, and he brought them to their desired haven.” Psalm 107:28-30


In times of troubles, we cry out to our Lord, and He will deliver. Yes, He will. In His name, it will be done.


I almost teared when i read this verse. They cried to the Lord in their trouble, and He delivered them from their distress. Sometimes we feel so alone, like nothing is going on right. I don’t know about tomorrow, and I am scared. I feel so lost, like I am wandering around aimlessly. But I know I have a goal, and that is to please and trust God. I guess that’s where I get my strength- from Him.


God, maybe I cannot literally see you. Maybe I cannot listen to what you have to tell me directly. Maybe I cannot feel your warmth and hugs when I desperately cry out for You. But with faith, I know You are here. You have never left me, haven’t You?


You may not be physically here, but You have sent friends here on earth to care for me and to listen to me. It’s such a blessing, and I thank You for them. And I know that it is not that You don’t want to be here for me, or cannot be here for me. You can do things that we humans can never understand. It is just not time yet. I know that, because You told me so.


I may be feeling miserable now. Teared again and again. But God, You know my weaknesses, and You know my strength. I know You are putting me through these for a reason- I guess thats what faith is all about. Giving thanks when I am facing troubles I would never want to face. You know I can do it, and You put me through, knowing that I will grow and learn. And whatever the outcome, my faith lies in the believe that You have a better plan for me. Yes, I make mistakes. I have sinned. But You have plans to prosper me and not to harm me.


And in that, I place my faith in You.


Thank you for putting me through these troubles right now. It sucks, I’m hurt, and very tired. But thank You, Lord.


Maybe what wouldn’t work out now will hurt me, but I will thank you in the future. I know I will, because You are God.


I still remember the past. Memories, I guess… There are still events, occurrences and places that bring back memories- pleasant or otherwise.


I dont think we have to forget the past to move on. We just have to lear to accept it.


They say, every one comes with baggages. We have to find the person who is willing to lift them away from our backs. And for this, I think only time will tell. Until then, things are probably not going to be exactly easy…


I can wait- yes. But someday…


Anyway. I cant wait to start my internship. I really hope I’ll do a good job, and learn as much as I can from the production. Hopefully, it’s going to be a good change in my current life- something I really need right now. And I am so sure I can learn so much more during that 1 month than I ever did in school. School and work is indeed different… Really looking forward. Times are going to be tough, but if I can survive this, I can add it on to my little ‘bucket list’ and ‘personal achievement’. Really, really cannot wait! As they say, when the going gets tough….


Once my internship/shoot starts, things are going to be different. I have set my mind to it, and I will make it happen.. It’s going to make living easier : ) Yes, I’ll depend on myself for the change. I hope I can do it emotionally. All I need is to remember not to look back….. It hasnt been the easiest thing so far.


And I have the sudden inspiration to read the book of Romans. Hoping to start tonight 🙂 God, guide me. Make me Yours.



I Can Only Hope



I can only hope. And when I reach my limit, maybe thats when I put an end to it 🙂

I will do it, with His strength.


Thank You O Lord. For You provide.


Men disappoint, but in You, I have everlasting live and true and sincere love.

I Cannot Imagine a World Without You

I cannot imagine a world without You, Lord. I cannot imagine where will I get my strength to carry on. I cannot imagine how where can I ever place my hopes.


Please keep me close to you. In trails, I thank You for being here. When I am happy one fine day, I want to thank You too. I want to remember You, and I can only do this if You help me.


One day, I know by faith, I will feel genuine happiness inside me. I am happy now, but I know one day, You will provide me with what I need. These troubles, disappointments, worries and anxiety will disappear in Your name. You will take these all away. And You will make me new. I know that day hasn’t come, but one fine day, in faith, I know it will happen. In Your name.


God, help me.


Amen. So let it be.