I think I can be a qualified Private Investigator already!!

Target no. 1 (a young girl, about 18-20 of age, in Changi Airport Burger King)

Outward appearance:
The girl is dressed in a bright fitting pink shirt that has patterns on it, and a pair of dark blue jeans. She also wears black Converse shoes. The girl has a pair of dark framed glasses on and wears a silver watch. She has straight long hair that is not dyed/ highlighted and it is also not tied up. Her hair is neat with side parting. She puts on very light and gentle looking make up. The girl does not have accessories on. She carries a white bag with brown handle. In addition, she has a black phone with a red or pinkish colour strap hooked on it. It is kept in a white, slightly pinkish colour pouch that is used to protect the phone from scratches. The girl has quite a round face and relatively big eyes. She also does not have any very obvious pimples on her face. She is also quite slim built, and is perhaps 1.62m tall. The girl looks like most young Singaporean ladies, yet she is quite attractive looking. Although she does not look very sporty, she has a tan.

Her actions caught on paper:
She buys a meal from the fast food restaurant’s counter which consists of a burger, an upsized drink and onion rings. Her friends, who were also queuing for food, arrive. The girl’s meal comes with a free wrapped up card and when she opens it, she was shocked to see what was inside (whatever it was). After a while, she goes to the toilet. I did not follow her, of course! When she returns, she starts with her onion rings first. Then, she opens the wrapping of her burger. She takes quite a big bite and cleans her mouth with the serviette when a vegetable almost falls out from between her mouth and the burger. She invites her friends to have some of her onion rings. They engaged in a conversation, and from what I could make out of it, they are talking about someone else.

While talking, she constantly cleans her mouth and hands when the sauce from the burger drips out. She seems quite conscious if there are stains on her mouth as she keeps touching the edges of her lips with her finger. I notice that the girl usually holds the burger with both hands. Although she and her friends are talking together, her friends are the ones that talk more. The girl just smiles and nods, and contributes only when she has something to say. She is quite a smiley girl. When she eats, her spectacles slides to the bridge of her nose and she does not even bother to push it back up. The girl eats quite slowly because she also eats the side dishes while eating her burger. Something falls out from the burger and lands on the bag on her lap. The girl takes a serviette, cleans her mouth, and then cleans the bag. Again, the girl cleans her mouth (after doing it countless times). I think she is quite conscious with how she looks and whether there are stains on her mouth. And again, the girl cleans her mouth. Perhaps she found it useful, she finally holds the serviette in her right hand and the burger in her left so that she can keep cleaning her mouth as she eats. She has not finished with her burger but wraps it and places it aside. She puts down the serviette and starts to focus on the onion rings. I assume that she can’t finish her burger so she discards it by leaving it by the side of the tray.

After a while, the girl picks up a call and starts with a “hello?” She looks at her watch while talking. When she and her friends are about to leave, the girl takes a final sip from the cup. They did not clear the trays on the table before leaving, leaving a mess on the table.

I name her Sarah.

Target Number 2 (a Ngee Ann Poly student, in NP canteen 1)

Outward Appearance
He has short black hair, which is not dyed or highlighted. The guy’s hair is also not gelled and it is neatly combed. He wears spectacles with a sliver, blue frame. Each time he looks up, there would be a reflection on the glasses of his spectacles and his eyes would then ‘disappear’ behind the reflection. It is rectangular in shape. The guy wears a white t-shirt with prints on it. The illustration on his shirt is a large maple leaf in a rectangle. The leaf is orange and the rectangle is divided into half, green on one side and yellow on the other. The outline of the illustration is of a bold, black line. The t-shirt looks quite old and is a little crumpled. He wears a beige colour Bermudas that is rather long. The guy also wears a grayish silver sport shoes and white socks. He wears his socks quite high up. The guy also has a gray and red backpack that he puts on his lap. He also has a dirty green watch. The guy has a round face and appears very smiley. He also has deep dimples that are clearly shown once he smiles. He is fairly fair, and does not really have a ton. Perhaps he does not like sports. The guy is also quite skinny, and has an average height. He also looks quite young, perhaps in year 1 or 2.

His actions caught on paper
The guy is waiting for some of his friends to arrive before starting to eat. What a gentleman. He ordered western meal and did not order drinks. He is together with total of 8 friends of both genders. Interestingly, the guy holds the knife on his left hand and fork on his right. When his friends arrive, he starts to eat. The guy does not cut his piece of meat and just starts eating it. While eating, he does not talk a lot and seems to concentrate on his food. In fact, the entire table seems quite. Only a couple of girls talk among themselves. The guy holds his fork and knife in a weird manner, like holding pencils. He also uses his knife like using a spoon. While eating, the guy keeps looking up, as if looking for a friend. Like the first girl I ‘spied’ on, the guy’s spectacles also slips onto the bridge of his nose. However, he just keeps eating and does not bother to push it back up. The guy leaves the table for a moment. Shortly after he returns, he and another friend sitting on his right keeps looking back, as if looking for something. Then, he digs into his bag, searching for I-don’t-know-what. After he finishes his food, the guy just sits on the table and stares into space, looking around occasionally. Then, sitting ninety degree to how people usually sit on the chair, he rests his head on his hand that is against the backrest of the chair and he looks bored. After a few minutes, he still looks bored. Then, the guy stretches and rubs his nose with just his second finger. It looked funny. A moment later some of his friends stands up and prepares to leave. That was when the guy leaves too.

I name him James.



One thought on “PEOPLE WATCH

  1. You had a particular interest in ordinary Singaporeans with this assignment, eh? I feel like after reading your second one, I couldn’t pick him out from hundred of other boys on campus. That’s not to say your assignment is bad, only that your subject choices have such a sense of anonymity.

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