Fact or fiction? You decide!

1. I wasn’t meant to be here in the beginning. Going home everyday and having dinner with my family was meant to be my brother’s privilege.

My parents planned for two children. On 1986, they had my sister, Carol. Then on 1989, my mother was pregnant with my brother. Unexpectedly however, six months to my brother’s delivery, my mother suffered from a miscarriage. My brother was gone.

I have never see him, never talked to him. Yet, I really loved him. Because of his death, I exist. My parents had me as they really missed him, and needed someone else to take his place. Do I hate them? No, I never blamed them. In fact, I truly thank them for giving me a chance to live. They did not give up because of a moment’s failure and I love them for that. As for my brother, I know he’s in heaven now and I am going to see him one day.

2. My female budgie had a sore foot. Its claw was swollen and she could not perch properly. Though I was still young at that time, I knew she was going to die. I knew we had to part forever. And I knew the cage would be empty soon. Worst of all, there was nothing I could do to help, and despite the great amount of medicine I applied in her claw, she did not recover.

A few days later, my worst fear became a reality. I found Precious lying motionless and breathless on the cage floor. I wasn’t shocked, just very, very sad. Then, together with my sister, we went to the patch of grass at the car park and buried Precious under the second tree. Squatting, I cried for a moment and promised to remember Precious. Till now, Precious’ little body still remains there- that is if no workers dug the ground and threw her away. Each time I walk past the area, I still remember my little precious bird. Farewell, Precious!


12 thoughts on “TRUE FALSE STORY

  1. pamela! if your first story is true, to be frank im having the same situation as you. im the third children too but my parents only have us two girls now. awww.. i assume the first one is true then. cannot hurt me by saying it’s not! HAH

  2. hey pam…haha… i agree with shu hui..1st story is true. I am suppose to be the third child as well. hehe.. but i’m the second and last child now. so it shud be true as i a bird seems very fictional. haha

  3. I’d rather believe the second story is true because I buried a bird under a peach tree when I was young.

  4. Pam.. I think that the 2nd one is true… Don’t ask me why… i just have gut feeling about it.. hehehe…

  5. gosh..Its so obvious! hmmm..maybe. Well anyway, my guess is 1 since it sounds convincing. I’m having second thoughts about my choice, but im gonna stay firm on it!

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