The ‘Happy’ Incident with the Nail

A nail japped into the sole of my feet. Damn.

This Tuesday, Sal was going to somewhere in Sengkang to collect ome props for the AFP shoot. So, I tagged along, together with Mud, James, Adrian, and Kelvin. While under the HDB flat of the prop owner, Sal and Mud had to play around with the baseball -.- And with Sal’s powerful strength, the baseball flew into some construction site. At first, only Sal and Mud went into the blocked site to find the damn ball, in the dark. Being so damn KPO, i decided to be an angel and help them. It was bloody dark and there were tall grass almost everywhere. Mud even warned us that there might be snakes around. And I thought I was so smart, cause I actually looked up to make sure there were no machines hanging in mid air incase it will suddenly fall and squash us all. Ok, it was safe. So we went on to search for the ball.

Suddenly, I felt a freaking jap on the sole of my feet. I cursed out loud and Mud thought a snake bit me -.- But anyways, I felt that there was some kind of nail at my feet. I wasnt pain the least bit, it felt more like some electirc shock, cause the ‘pain’ was more of shock than bloody pain. I lifted my feet, and the nail (which was hammered into a plank of wood) was still stuck to the sole of my shoe, so I literally lifted the entire plank of wood up with my leg. And then with all my MIGHT, I swung my leg till my beloved sneakers, together with the nail and wood flew to some distant. Then, I dashed to the roadside (where there was a decent amount of light and cemented ground) to sit. James, Mud and Kelvin heard all the screamings and came to check it out…

They told me to take off the sock, but I was soooo afraid to do so, incase my feet became distorted or bleed or whatever that can happen. But I decided I’ll have to do it anyways. The hold, thank GOD, was pretty small. Only that I could feel it pretty deep in. I wasnt crying, no tears came out. But you have no idea how bloody afraid and shocked I was. James told me to squeeze all the blood out, and Mud (aww so sweet) offered me a sweet. Haha! Adrian, my dear IBP producer ran around to find water for me. But at that point of time, I was really, really, scared. And it was starting to become pain. So glad Kelvin and James were there.. Aww, my dear producer and director for IBP.

After much consideration, we decided to go to the doctor. But halfway on the journey in Sal’s car, Sal said that the props were there, and the car was needed. So, we drove back to keep the props. (they were kind of some secret stuff that had to be kept) Sal and the rest then drove me to some clinic nearby to see the doctor. I was hopping around like some mad dog, good thing the guys were there to support me. If not I’d look like some fool. HAHA 🙂

When it was my turn to see the doctor, Kelvin went into the room first. So I thought, ok, he’s the only one going in. Suddenly, Adrian and James followed in. It was kind of funny, like Kekvin went in, then me, and when I thought it was over, Adrian and James came in too. The doctor in mask asked if that was ok, so I said yes. Adrian said they were my bodyguards. HAHA!

The doctor asked me some basic questions, then asked me if i had a fever. When I said no, he looked at me like I was some fool, trying to make fun of the fact that Im seeing the doctor when I’m well. Then I said that I stepped on some nail, and behind those suspicious mask, I swear I saw him stopping his smile. Damn. He checked my feet, rubbed some cold stuff on it, and opened the gap (not like it wasnt hurting bad enough) to see if there was the nail stucked into my feet. He said it seemed fine, but had to give me a jap incase the nail was rusty. Bugger Kelvin and Adrian told me that he’ll have to inject my feet before I went into the room, so i asked the doctor (half laughing) where was he going to inject me. When he said the arm, I was soooo relieved. But the moment I saw him take out the needle and like tapped it, I freaked out.

James (I think) covered my eyes and Kelvin held on to my shoulder. Adrian said: Do not be afraid. Hahah… When i asked the doctor if it will hurt, he was kind of laughing and said yes. Damn. Some encouragement could help here…… Haha, but he said that if he had said no, it would be a lie. Ok fine, I accepted that. lol!

So in goes the needle. I wonder why it took so long to be in there. I could feel the liquid stuff go into my arm and the coolness of the needle in my muscles. LOL! But anyways, it was over, finally. The doctor took out this cool circle plaster, and I asked him, laughing, if it was for my feet or the injection. He said the feet need no plaster. Later infection HOW!?!?!??!?!

I kind of limpped back to the car, and sweet Sal (and gang) drove me home. Mud (who was drinking mango juice when i was in the doctor) burpped in the car. We were joking that the hole in my feet would grow out some mango tree. HAHA!!

So for the past few days, I went around limping. Dumb friends were laughing -.- Lol. And different lecturers heard different stories of why I limped from my dumb classmates. Haha! Med Law lecturer heard someone stepped on my toe, thats why I limped. AFP lecturer heard that a nail pierced THROUGH my feet, thats why I was limping. I’d probably in some hosptial by then. Haha! And another lecturer called me a ‘crippled’ for fun, after a bunch of classmated called me that. Buggers. Lol. Crazy people ❤

But through out the incident, I was laughing most of the time. It was kind of funny, how this entire thing happened. Even now, when I look at the hole and tried to pry it open like the doctor did, I cant stop but laughed too. Kind fo scary… Lol! It was bloody pain, but at the same time, ironically, funny too. I think the only person who didnt laugh was my mom. She had to pay $100 ++ on my medical fees. (went to the doc 2x)

And crap, I missed NAPFA after looking forward to it. Damn.


P.S. You, is relative

Pam ~~


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